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Hippeastrum hybrid - Potted Amaryllis

Hippeastrum hybrid - Potted Amaryllis

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Watching the large flowering scapes of an Amaryllis rise and bloom over the weeks leading up to the holidays is a Christmas tradition that never ceases to bring wonder. After the flowers are finished blooming, Amaryllis will send out a collection of long strap like leaves.

These Amaryllis bulbs are already potted up and set to bloom for the Christmas/New Year season. 

Watering: If the flowering scape or leaves are present, it's a good idea to water the bulbs once a week, provided the soil isn't already moist. In order to encourage dormancy once your Amaryllis is finished flowering, gradually withhold water.

Light: Bright direct morning light or bright indirect afternoon light.

Many people keep their Amaryllis bulbs year after year by encouraging the plants to go into dormancy around September. This is accomplished by gradually withholding water and allowing the leaves to die back to the top of the bulb. From here it's just a matter of storing the bulb in a cool and dry place (light doesn't matter at this stage) and waiting 2 months before bringing the bulbs back into a brighter spot with gradual increases in watering.

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