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Anthuriums offer bright, heart-shaped bracts that surround a little spire-like structure (actually the flower!) that can last up to two to three months. Unlike many other flowering plants, Anthuriums can bloom year round.

We try to carry a variety of Anthuriums in different colors and shades. 

Light conditions: Bright and indirect light is preferable. Plants will readily tolerate a bit of direct sunshine, however. Provide filtered light if placing in a south or west facing area with direct light.

Water: Although Anthuriums are not the pickiest plants when it comes to watering, it's important to keep them well watered, especially during blooming. Saturate the soil well with each watering instead of just giving them a light overhead sprinkle.

Feeding: Not the heaviest nutrient consumers. Since Anthuriums can bloom any time of the year, there's no one feeding schedule one must abide. If you choose to fertilize your Anthurium, use a regular house plant fertilizer at a quarter strength.

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